Launching Kaon ADN Apps

Every Kaon Application Delivery Network (ADN) app has a custom URL scheme that can be used to launch it. These URL schemes work in iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.

For example, you can download the Kaon App here:

This application contains several 3D models. After you have installed this app on an iOS device, you can launch a particular model with a custom URL scheme as follows:


In order to get back to your application, you can pass a return custom URL scheme URL after a semi-colon. For example, suppose that your application handled the ourgreatapp:// URL scheme, and you wanted to get back to section 5 of that app, using the URL ourgreatapp://section/5

In this case you would open the Kaon app as follows:


(Note that colons are difficult to pass through custom URL schemes, so replace the : with a *)

You can experiment with this using Safari. For example, by putting this into the Safari location bar on an iPhone with the Kaon App installed:


You will find yourself on the Microscope 3D model, and when you touch Back, you will end up in the Maps application.

Every App has a different custom URL scheme, of course. The easiest way to get the correct URL for a given model is to download the Desktop version of that application. Start the app, and navigate to the model you want to view. If you are using Windows, tap the ALT key to show the application menubar (on Mac it's always visible). From the Edit menu, choose Copy Shortcut. You can then paste that into a text editor to see the special URL.

If you will be placing your app in the App Store, you will need to include the Kaon app URL scheme in your manifest.

On Android, you use the same URL schemes, but use Intents to do the launching.

On Mac and PC, you can use these URL schemes to launch the desktop version of the app from the native browser (Safari or Edge), and from other applications, such as the most recent version of PowerPoint.