Kaon LDT Supported Platforms

The Kaon LDT will run on the following browsers:

The browser must be running on a device with a 3D graphics system that the browser supports. Some older or low-end graphics cards or chips may be supported by some browsers and not by others.

Generally speaking, the supported operating systems are:

However, operating system support entirely depends on the browser used, and what that browser officially supports.

Note that although Android is supported for most Kaon application, the LDT requires a tablet-size interface, and there are no Android tablets we have found that meet the minimum requirements.

On mobile, we do not support running in the browser because the browser artificially limits access to memory, making the maximum lab size too small. Therefore on mobile, the LDT must be accessed from a native app.

In addition to browser deployment, the Kaon LDT can be used as a native application (for offline use) for:

Kaon LDT can also be used in supported VR headsets in two ways:

Kaon recommends using the "Quest" browser in the Meta Quest 2, 3 or Pro. This headset/browser combination provides the most reliability and performance. While other browsers and headsets supporting WebXR standards should work, we have found them to perform poorly and to be rather unstable.

On the desktop, up-to-date 3D drivers are required, and some very low-end 3D chips may not be supported. Sometimes browsers will "blacklist" 3D chips (GPUs) because of security or performance issues, and in these cases, the Kaon LDT will not work on those browser/GPU combinations.

When rolling out Kaon LDT to a field sales force, be aware of these general guidelines.


Recommended: Will run the Kaon LDT application well

Minimum: Kaon LDT will work, but refresh rates (FPS) may be sluggish



Recommended: i5 7th generation or later

Minimum: i3 or equivalent


Recommended: Any discrete NVIDIA or AMD GPU

Minimum: Intel HD Graphics 615


Recommended: 8GB

Minimum: 4GB


Recommended: 20GB free

Minimum: 10GB free


Recommended: Windows 11 or MacOS 14

Minimum: Windows 10 or MacOS 12


Recommended: 1080p

Minimum: 720p


Recommended: Wired internet recommended at install time, not required in normal operation

Minimum: WiFi internet access at install time, not required in normal operation


Recommended/Minimum: All standard devices supported