Kaon HVMP Supported Platforms

Applications created for the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform (Kaon HVMP) will run on the following browsers:

  • Latest Edge

  • Latest Chrome

  • Latest Firefox

  • Latest Safari

The browser must be running on a device with a 3D graphics system that the browser supports. Some older or low-end graphics cards or chips may be supported by some browsers and not by others.

Generally speaking, the supported operating systems are:

  • Windows 10 or later

  • Mac OS X 10.15 or later

  • Many linux distributions

  • Chrome O/S

  • iOS 14 or later

  • Android 10 or later

However, operating system support entirely depends on the browser used, and what that browser officially supports.

On mobile, support in a browser depends on the hardware and operating system, and the browser used:

  • iOS 14 or later on all devices

  • Chrome and Firefox in Android 10 or later on devices with higher-end 3D chips

Note that some mobile devices (iPad Air, for example) have very low amounts of RAM, which may prevent some applications from being used in a mobile browser. While 3D product tours will generally work on any device, richer solution stories, particularly those with complex 3D scenes are not supported in mobile browsers. Instead, you must use native mobile app.

In addition to browser deployment, the applications can be hosted in Native applications (for offline use) for:

  • iPad Air or later

  • iPhone 6s or later

  • Many Android phones with 64-bit CPUs

  • Kaon v-OSK and Kaon v-OSK MT

  • Kaon v-Rack

  • PC running Windows 10 or later

  • Mac running OS X 10.14 or later

In all cases, mobile devices must be running the latest version of the operating system. In particular, Android phones must be running 10 or later, and must have 64-bit CPUs (which excludes many pre-2015 phones).

Note that due to the extreme variety of Android phones available, and the changes made to phones and the Android O/S itself in certain geographies and by some wireless carriers, Kaon cannot guarantee the application will work on any given Android phone.

Standard 3D product tour and some applications can be viewed in Kaon VR®. Supported headsets include HTC Vive Focus 3, Pico Neo 3, and Meta Quest 2. Users should visit the share card for the app using Firefox Reality, and choose "View Online/Web." When they reach a part of the app that supports immersive VR, there will be a VR goggle icon. Click that icon to start Kaon VR. (Offline "Kiosk" use of these apps is also possible. Contact Kaon support for details.)

On the desktop, up-to-date 3D drivers are required, and some very low-end 3D chips may not be supported. Sometimes browsers will "blacklist" 3D chips (GPUs) because of security or performance issues, and in these cases, the apps will not work on those browser/GPU combinations.

When rolling out Kaon applications to a field sales force, be aware of these general guidelines.


Kiosk: High performance touch-screen system suitable for use at trade shows, app running in Kiosk Mode

Recommended: Will run any Kaon application well

Minimum: Most applications will work, but refresh rates (FPS) may be sluggish


  • When running on a "Minimum" system, we recommend that the Kaon application be the only program running

  • Some lightweight applications may work on systems below the minimum specifications

  • Some more visually rich applications may not work well enough on minimum specification systems to meet user needs


Kiosk: i5 7th generation or later (NUC or tower, not a laptop)

Recommended: i5 7th generation or later

Minimum: i3 or equivalent


Kiosk: NVIDIA GTX 1080 or better / AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 or better

Recommended: Any discrete NVIDIA or AMD GPU

Minimum: Intel HD Graphics 615


Kiosk: 8GB

Recommended: 8GB

Minimum: 4GB


Kiosk: 20GB free

Recommended: 20GB free

Minimum: 10GB free


Kiosk: Windows 10, latest version

Recommended: Windows 10 or MacOS 11.5

Minimum: Windows 10 or MacOS 10.15


Kiosk: 1920x1080p Touch screen supporting at least 2-touches compatible with Windows 10

Recommended: 1080p

Minimum: 720p


Kiosk: Required only for updates, analytics, and voice-control. Not needed if these are not required.

Recommended: Wired internet recommended at install time, not required in normal operation

Minimum: WiFi internet access at install time, not required in normal operation


Kiosk: Bluetooth keyboard/mouse needed for install or maintenance, not required in normal operation

Recommended/Minimum: All standard devices supported