Desktop Diagnostics

The Mac and Windows versions of Kaon applications print their diagnostic output, which can help identify internet connectivity or file permission issues. While this output is normally hidden by the operating system, you can access it by following these procedures:


  • Right-click the desktop shortcut, choose Properties

  • Ctrl-C to copy the path to the program

  • Type cmd in the windows search bar to open a command prompt

  • Right-click in the command prompt (that pastes)

  • Hit enter


  • Type Command-Spacebar and then Terminal to open a Terminal

  • Drag the app from Applications to the Terminal

  • Backspace, then type the following after .app: /Contents/MacOS/

  • Press the Tab key to complete the command. The terminal will contain a command like this:
    $ /Applications/Cisco\ CX\\ CX\ Catalog

  • Hit Enter

As the program starts up, it will print messages about where it is storing files, and retrieving files from the network. You can then share this information with Kaon ( to figure out what is going wrong with installation.