Can I use external speakers with my Kaon appliance?

Kaon v-OSK:

There is an audio cable on the back of the v-OSK which connects the "computers side" to the "display side" of the hardware. You can remove this cable and plug powered speakers into the green ⅛" stereo plug near the USB ports.

Kaon PresenterPro:

You can connect powered speakers to the green ⅛" stereo plug on the back of the PresenterPro.

Kaon PresenterPro Portable:

By default, the audio signal of the PresenterPro Portable comes out through the iPad remote control. Kaon offers optional USB speakers which you can attach to the appliance for a higher-fidelity audio output. Note that these speaker must be connected to the USB port on the back of the unit, and must be attached prior to boot up. (Detection of the USB speakers only happens at startup.)