Kaon ADN Supported Platforms

Applications created for the Kaon Application Delivery Network (Kaon ADN) will run on the following browsers:

- Latest Edge
- Latest Internet Explorer (IE11)
- Latest Chrome
- Latest Firefox
- Latest Safari

The browser must be running on a device with a 3D graphics system that the browser supports. Some older or low-end graphics cards or chips may be supported by some browsers and not by others.

Generally speaking, the supported operating systems are:

- Windows 7 or later
- Mac OS X 10.12 or later
- Many linux distributions
- Chrome O/S
- iOS 11 or later
- Android 8 or later

However, operating system support entirely depends on the browser used, and what that browser officially supports.

On mobile, support in a browser depends on the hardware and operating system, and the browser used:

- iOS 11 or later on all devices
- Chrome and Firefox in Android 8 or later on devices with higher-end 3D chips

In addition to browser deployment, the applications can be hosted in Native applications (for offline use) for:

- iPad Air or later
- iPhone 5s or later
- Many Android phones
- Kindle Fire HDX or better
- Kaon v-OSK and Kaon v-OSK MT
- Kaon v-Rack
- PC running Windows 7 or later
- Mac running OS X 10.12 or later

In all cases, mobile devices must be running the latest version of the operating system. In particular, Android phones must be running 8 or later.

Note that due to the extreme variety of Android phones available, and the changes made to phones and the Android O/S itself in certain geographies and by some wireless carriers, Kaon cannot guarantee the application will work on any given Android phone.

On the desktop, up-to-date 3D drivers are required, and some very low-end 3D chips may not be supported.